The Team

Turning . . .

. . . was written by Tony Kendrew

          . . . in 2013 and 2014.

Tony has always been reading and writing - and remembers getting higher marks for reading in elementary school than for anything else. Serious writing and public reading didn't get under way until he was around fifty. A late starter! With the help of friends and writing groups the poems started coming faster, until there were enough he felt strongly about to put onto a CD. This was Beasts and Beloveds, which appeared in 2009.

Beasts and Beloveds attracted enough interest to keep the poems coming, and in 2012 Tony got a place on the MA Creative Writing programme at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. In Wales he met Dominic Williams, of the publishing company Iconau, who offered to publish a collection of poems. Feathers Scattered in the Wind was launched in June 2014. More about the book at

Recorded by Neil Harvey . . .

          . . . in Hyampom, California, March 24th 2014.

Neil has been an independent radio producer for 25 years.

He is Senior Producer and Host of the award winning radio series Bioneers: Revolution From the Heart of Nature.

With passions for art, film and experimental sound, he maintains recording and art studios in North Hampton, New Hampshire and in a small mountain community in Northern California. His art work can be seen at

Designed by Michael R . . .

          . . . a quiet genius, with fingers in many fascinating pies.

Hi everyone, this is Michael writing. I'd like to thank Tony for letting me help with this project. I am always ready for a new project. I do a mix computer programming, art, design, making things, etc. Lately (April 2014) I have been building big web sites for clients, creating custom software, and doing fun things like computer-created images and time-lapse videos. Check out my website for more information,

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